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Onwa KMR-6 Multi-function NMEA display

The KMR-6 is a colour 5.6" multi-function NMEA display with built-in multiplexer.  There are 6 display modes with dedicated screens for Wind, AIS, Barometic Pressure & Temperature, Compass, Rolling Road & NAV display plus a Gage graphic for SOG, Speed, Depth & Voltage information.

  • 5.6" Colour Display
  • 6 NMEA Display Screens
  • Provides 5 Input Ports & 2 Output Ports
  • Mix & Combine all 5 Input NMEA sentences into 2 outputs 
  • 4 Input Ports are Opto-Isolated

Wind Display
Display True & Apparent wind info on graphic display plus 6 defaulted wind data boxes (Humidity, Air Pressure, Temp, TWS, AWA, AWS) these boxes can be changed & customised by the user from a preset list.

AIS Display
Target display with Zoom In & Out function.  Select an AIS target to get ships details, also list mode available.  Data boxes display Your GPS Position, SOG, COG, Depth, TCPA & Distance.

Barometic Pressure & Temperature Display
Displays Barometic Pressure & Temperature in graph form, an alarm can be set for any changes.

Compass Display
Compass graphic showing COG & SOG with a choice of Heading or Course Up mode.  6 Data boxes showing Nav info can be customised by the user.

Rolling Road & Nav Display
Rolling road visual with ETA & XTE data, plus 6 Data boxes showing Nav Info can be customised by the user.

Gauge Display
4 x Graphic Gauges showing SOG (GPS), Speed (Log), Depth & Voltage

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