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LCJ Capteurs BaroPlug

LCJ Capteurs BaroPlug is a plug and play barometer for NMEA2000 instrument systems.

  • Pressure with no hassle
  • Micro-C connector
  • Compatible with Raymarine STNG*
  • Compatible with Garmin
  • Compatible with B&G Zeus
  • Compact design
  • Simple to install 

First of its kind, BaroPlug features a MICRO-C plug and a LED indicator.  Simply plug it into the NMEA backbone, and read immediately the atmospheric pressure on any compatible display.

BaroPlug measures the pressure from 850 hPa to 1150 hPa to one decimal resolution and sends the relevant pgn to the NMEA network.

BaroPlug complies with the NMEA2000 V3 specifications.

Weighs just 35gr, measures 8cm long and less than 2cm in diameter

*Raymarine adapter cable required

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