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Koden PKP-27 27MHz GPS Buoy (Pickpoint)

New Koden PKP-27 GPS Buoy system (Pickpoint) consists of the PKP-27 GPS Buoy, Receiver and Charger Unit.  

The buoy position is accurately displayed on your chartplotter or radar display via the 27MHz frequency.  The GPS buoy sends information such as Lat/Long, Date & Time, Buoy ID and remaining Battery Voltage.  The PKP-27 position can be switched off and hidden from other vessels.

  • High brightness LED on buoy
  • Compact and light weight body design
  • Easy installation
  • Transmit Power: 4W
  • Frequency Band 27MHz
  • Estimated Range +-40nm
  • NMEA 0183 4800bps
  • Li-ion battery

When used in conjunction with a plotter such as the Koden GTD-120 or a radar display all received buoys are displayed and the trail of each buoy is easy to see at a glance.   The PKP-27 transmits information such as Lat/Long, Date & Time, Buoy ID and remaining Battery Voltage.  The GTD-120 or radar display will then use that information to calculate the buoy's speed and course, giving you more useful information. 

A user defined minimum and maximum distance alarm can be set to monitor the buoys and an alarm will sound on the GTD-120 or radar if the distance of the buoy is too close or too far.

  • Each buoy is individually colour coded so that you can easily see information for each buoy
  • Tidal direction is evident by the trail of the buoys
  • Simply place the cursor onto the buoy for additional information

If you already have the following radars(MDC-5000/5200/5500/7000/7900), you can start using PKP-27 right away* by connecting receiver with the receiving antenna to the radar and put the Transmitter (BUOY) into the sea. 

Compatible with 3rd party plotters *Data output: NMEA0183 4800bps $RATLL, !AIVDM, $GBBLV sentence.  Please also check with either the plotter manufacturer or your Koden dealer for confirmation.

*Software update may be required please contact your Koden dealer

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