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Koden MDC-7900P & MDC-7000P IMO Radar

Koden MDC-7900P & MDC-79000P IMO radars are designed to comply with New IMO and IEC regulations.  The MDC-7900P series provides outstanding performance and clear image on a 19" high resolution SXGA display with anti-reflective coating.  The MDC-7000P Black Box radars connect to a SXGA type display approved by the notified body.

  • 19" Colour Display or Black Box Version
  • Performance monitor as standard
  • Target Tracking up to 100 targets
  • Built-in AIS Interface up to 900 targets
  • True Trail Function
  • Chart Underlay

The CFAR function provides vastly superior semi automatic clutter suppression.  Targets remain easily visible when compared to conventional use of sea and rain clutter controls.

True Trail Function
Clearly identifies moving targets from stationary targets.  The display shows exact movement of other vessels like drawing tails.  Even when your range is changed, a new trail appears past drawing tails.  3 types of shape are available.

Built-in TT (ARPA) - 100 Targets 
TT (Target Tracking) is fitted as standard and tracks up to 100 targets.  Select auto acquisition or manual acquisition.

Built-in 900 Targets AIS Interface
The MDC-7900P & MDC-7000P series are fitted with the AIS interface as standard.  When connected to an AIS receiver, the radar displays information on up to 254 vessels equipped with AIS transmitters.  Detailed information such as Vessel Name, MMSI Number, CPA, Speed, Course etc can be displayed.

Chart Underlay
The MDC-7900P & MDC-7000P has the ability to display C-Map Charts as chart underlay on the radar.  Please note that this function is different to approved ChartRadar - it allows C-Map chart data to be displayed but should not be used for navigation as C-Map charts are non official private charts and not ENC charts

User Definable Function Keys 
9 programmable function keys let the user programme their own commonly used functions thus avoiding use of menus and enhancing the operators use.

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