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Koden MDC-2000BB Black Box Radar

The Koden MDC-2000BB black box series radar consists of the operator control panel, the antenna & the black box processor which is used in conjunction with a user supplied VGA monitor.  The MDC-2000BB features Hyper Digital ProcessingTM (HDP) which virtually eliminates unwanted noise to provide a clearer detail image of targets.  HDP also enhances the detction of smaller targets, therefore increasing the users safety.  If using the GPS Compass option, the radar image can be shown in North Up as well as Head Up mode.

  • MDC-2005BB 4kW 32NM 25" radome
  • MDC-2004BB 4kW 48NM 3ft or 4ft open scanner
  • MDC-2006BB 6kW 64NM 4ft or 6ft open scanner
  • MDC-2012BB 12kW 72NM 4ft or 6ft open scanner

Dual Range
Dual range display is where 2 radar ranges are simultaneously shown on one display, e.g. the top half display can be set to 3nm for long range picture and the bottom half set to 0.75nm for a close quarter navigation picture. With a clear long range and short range picture this again increases the users safety.

True Trail Function
When connected to a heading sensor and GPS moving targets will leave a true echo trail. Stationary targets such as land and buoys leave no trail, even while your vessel is moving.

Guard Zone
A user definable guard zone warns of targets / vessels entering or leaving the zone

CCTV Camera Input
The MDC-2000 series radar can connect to CCTV cameras thus allowing you to monitor areas you might not easily see from the helm. Keep an eye on the stern when docking, work areas, the engine room, etc.

ATA with up to 50 Targets Option
ATA (Automatic Tracking Aid) is an optional extra and tracks up to 50 targets. Vessels being tracked are easily identified with a number and vector line. Detailed information such as CPA (Closest Point of Approach), TCPA (Time to Closest Point of Approach) speed, course etc can be displayed. If the automatic acquisition zone is set, up to 50 targets entering the zone will be automatically locked and tracked.

100 Target AIS Interface Option
When fitted with the optional AIS interface and connected to an AIS receiver, the MDC-2000 series radar displays information on up to 100 vessels equipped with AIS transmitters. Detailed information such as vessel name, MMSI number, speed & course can be displayed.

  • Hyper Digital Processing (HDP)
  • True Trail Function
  • Dual Range display
  • Optional ATA
  • Optional AIS interface
  • CCTV input
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