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Koden KGC-300 IMO GPS Compass

New Koden KGC-300 IMO Certified GPS Compass supplied with 4.3" colour GPS display.  Features 3 x Heading Data output ports which is expandable to 5 x ports.

  • IMO certified GPS Compass and GPS Navigator
  • 4.3" high resolution colour display
  • 3 x Heading Data output ports 
  • 15m antenna cable
  • Built-in backup sensor
  • SBASS (WASS / EGNOS) enabled

The KGC-300 consists of a colour 4.3" display unit where heading, position, speed and course data can be shown in large easily legible characters, an external antenna with 15 metre cable and a processor unit. The KGC-300 features a 16 channel parallel GPS engine providing heading accuracy to 1° with a heading resolution of 0.1° An important feature is the KGC-300's internal electronic compass and rate sensors which seamlessly act as a backup heading output should GPS reception be interrupted, for example when sailing under a bridge.

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