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Koden KDS-6000BB Broadband Sonar

The KDS-6000BB is a black box broadband sonar which enables the user to change frequency on the go with Koden’s advanced Broadband technology.  Pre-set up to 6 different frequencies and hop between them at a touch of a button for the clearest possible images and fish detection.

  • Broadband Black Box Sonar
  • 1.5kW, choice of frequency 130kHz to 210kHz
  • 6 in 1 sonar – pre-set up to 6 frequencies
  • New improved scan speed for faster detection
  • User to supply display/monitor

KDS-6000 BB 80 - 90kHz frequency or 130 - 210 frequency can be selected in 0.1kHz steps depending on the fishing method & target species from short range to long range.  Selection is simple with a touch of the button and the flexible frequencies eliminates interference with other vessels sounders.

User Friendly Operation Control Panel
6 Condition Memmory (CM) keys allow the user to preset their most used settings so they can recall them instantly.

Space Saving Hull Unit
The newly designed compact hull unit saves space on your vessel and is easily installed 

4 x Presentation Modes Available 

  • Sonar mode which is useful for searching around the vessel
  • Off-centre mode which shows more information ahead 
  • Echo sounder mode for displaying traditional fishfinder image
  • Bottom scan mode to display reflectd echoes from underwater & seabed in a cross selection image

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