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Koden CVS-FX Series Now Compatible with Olex

Koden Electronics Co. Ltd. proudly announces that its CVS-FX series echo sounders (CVS-FX1, CVS-FX2 & CVS-FX2BB) are now fully compatible with the Olex 3D navigation system.  Koden's CVS-FX series is the world's first frequency selectable digital broadband echo sounder.  The CVS-FX series has gained a worldwide reputation for outstanding performance and quality with Koden continually providing enhancements in response to customer's requests.

Olex is a unique system for navigation, fisher plotting and ocean mapping, developed and manufactured by the Norwegian company Olex AS.  Using the ships own echo sounder and the GPS the Olex creates a continually updated depth/position database which is used to produce a realistic 3D seabed view.  The self-produced seabed maps can be shared between Olex users to provide valuable information which can contribute to achieving a more efficient and profitable fishery.

With Koden's latest software update the CVS-FX seires echo sounders can output both depth and hardness data to the Olex system on every depth transmission for a detailed 3D seabed map.  If the Olex system has the optional HT seabed discrimination module installed the Koden's hardness data output will be utilized to produce a 3D seabed image with Bottom hardness (Ground Discrimination) shown, thus enhancing fishing based on bottom contour and bottom hardness information.

For connection between CVS-FX series and Olex syste, following configuration is required.

Olex system with software version 8.4 or later
CVS-FX1 with software KM-F11 Ver. 1.01.49 or later
CVS-FX2/CVS-FX2BB with software KM-F15 Ver 1.01.49 or later and CW-395 connection cable from Koden.

Information of Koden and Olex can be obtained from following websites.

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