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Koden CVS-128B 8.4" Broadband Digital Echo Sounder

New CVS-128B colour 8.4" sunlight viewable Digital Broadband echo sounder. Dual frequency with a choice of 38 - 75kHz, 42 - 65kHz or 130 - 210kHz which can be set and changed during use.

  • 8.4" Sunlight viewable display
  • 2kW output
  • Dual frequency
  • Choice of frequencies
  • Digital Filtering Feature
  • Exclusive Sona Tone
  • Store up to 10 Images
  • Auto function

The flexible selection of frequencies by 0.1kHz step enables the user to stay away from interference with sounders on other vessels as well as enhancing fish detection.

KDF eliminates clutter by filtering out the noise to provide a clear detailed image enhancing fish targets in shallow & deep waters. Enhancing fish targets makes it easier to differentiate between baitfish, larger shoals etc resulting in a larger catch.

Even a novice user can achieve professional results by letting the CVS-1410B pick the optimum settings for such functions as Range, Shift & TVG. Exclusive Sona-Tone identifies what's under your boat with different sounds for fish and shoals of fish.

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