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Fineman Monitors

Fineman monitors are specifically designed for the marine market, and are available with a Glass Front and Sunlight Viewable option. All monitors are fully dimmable , and can be used as stand-alone or flush mounted. 

  • 15" Monitors available
  • 17" Monitors available
  • 19" Monitors available
  • 22" Monitors available
  • Fully dimmable
  • Voltage 115/230VAC / 12VDC
  • Low cost

The unique dimming function enables the user to dim the monitor from maximum brilliance to zero in a smooth operation ensuring that they keep their night vision. A remote dimmer unit is also available so that the monitor can be remotely adjusted.

Monitors have the following inputs:
DVI-I with VGA Adaptor,
2 x cabinet mounted speakers

The Fineman MAL19806 19" monitor has "Picture in Picture" capability which is ideal for use with for example a PC and video camera.

Fineman monitors are available in 15", 17", 19" and 22" with various specifications to suit a variety of applications. All monitors are 230VAC with external 12V DC power pack & the low cost make them the ideal choice when selecting a marine monitor.

15" monitor brochure
17" monitor brochure  
19" monitor brochure
22" monitor brochure


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