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Cristec YPOWER Shore-Power Units

YPOWER Battery Charger with 30m A RCD & 230 Volt AC mains distribution outlets.  The fanless design guarantees silent operation and are ideal for installation in living areas. 

  • Silent operation - fanless design
  • 12V 16, 25 or 40 amp
  • Dual voltage input 115/230 Volt AC
  • 5 stage charging
  • 30ma Residual current device (rcd) included for protection against electrocution
  • 3 Year guarantee

Compact and lightweight, the YPOWER shore power range provide practical cable entry for easy and quick installation.  The AC circuit is protected by a 16A/30mA residual current device  (RCD/GFCI Ground fault circuit interrupter) and 2, 3 or 4 off 10A DPN miniature circuit breakers (MCB) depending on models.

The Cristec YPower Battery chargers offer plug and play connection for quick and easy installation.  They feature an advanced 5 step automatic charging curve which extends battery life - Boost, Absorption, Float, Automatic Refresh & Reboost. 

A remote colour touch screen display is available as an option to monitor battery voltage, temperature, charger current, AC voltage and frequency as well as possible alarms.

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