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Cristec YPOWER MPPT Solar Charge Regulators

The Cristec YPOWER MPPT fanless solar charge regulators are designed for 12 or 24V installations.  The MPPT technology (Maximum Power Point Tracking) increases the efficiency of charge from solar panels to the batteries.

  • YPO12-60/MPPT 12V 60 Amp MPPT Regulator
  • YPO24-30/MPPT 24V 30 Amp MPPT Regulator
  • Silent operation - fanless design
  • Suits most battery types
  • Optional 2.5" remote colour display
  • 3 Year guarantee

YPOWER MPPT features a charge regulation similar to a smart battery charger and suits most battery types: wet and sealed Lead, Calcium Lead, gel, AGM, Lithium, etc.

They feature an advanced 5 step automatic charging curve which extends battery life - Boost, Absorption, Float, Automatic Refresh & Reboost. With 3 isolated battery banks the chargers automatically sense & distribute 100% of available charge current to any one bank or combination of all banks.

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