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Cristec YPOWER DC-DC Battery Chargers

Cristec YPOWER DC-DC chargers-converters have been designed to charge a 12 or 24V battery bank from a 12 or 24V network. The most typical case of use is the 24V bow-thruster battery bank charge from the 12V onboard network. Thanks to their large scale of input and output voltages, they can be configured as a simple converter or as a battery charger. In this case, the charging curve delivered is comparable to the one of a smart charger: - 5 steps - all types of batteries (wet & sealed Lead, Calcium Lead, gel, AGM, Lithium, etc.)

  • Silent operation - fanless design
  • YPO12-12/60      12V-12V 60Amp
  • YPO12-24/30      12V-24V 30Amp
  • YPO24-24/30      24V-24V 30Amp
  • YPO24-12/60      24V-12V 60Amp
  • 3 Year Guarantee

The YPOWER DC-DC series are easily programmable for a variety of applications and specific settings, and the built-in CAN-BUS interface enables quick and easy data transfer. 

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