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Cristec HPOWER Battery Chargers with DNV-GL Type Approval

HPOWER battery chargers with DNV-GL Type approval feature an integrated 2.5" colour touch-screen control panel and relays. The HPower series are easily programmable for a variety of applications and specific settings, and the built-in CAN-BUS interface enables quick and easy data transfer. 

  • HPO12-90-CERT 12V/90A/3 Banks
  • HPO24-45-CERT 24V/45A/3 Banks
  • HPO24-60-CERT 24V/60A/3 Banks 
  • HPO24-80 CERT 24V/80A/3 Banks 
  • HPO24-100 CERT 24V/100A/3 Banks 

The Cristec HPOWER battery chargers assure you of unrivalled efficiency, ruggedness, flexibility and battery life increase. Fully AC universal and suitable for every type of battery including Li-Ion, they operate at full power up to 50degreeC without derating

They feature an advanced 5 step automatic charging curve which extends battery life - Boost, Absorption, Float, Automatic Refresh & Reboost. With 3 isolated battery banks the HPOWER chargers automatically sense & distribute 100% of available charge current to any one bank or combination of all banks.

The 2.5" integrated touch screen control panel clearly displays in real time data about the battery's charging and the charger's AC input power:

  • Battery voltage (up to 3 banks)
  • Charger current
  • Charger state (Boost, absorption, Floating)
  • Battery room temperature (if optional temperature probe mounted)
  • AC input network voltage and frequency

The system will monitor data and will automatically trigger visual alarm for :

  • Low battery voltage (up to 3 banks)
  • High battery voltage (up to 3 banks)
  • Over-temperature in battery room (if optional temperature probe mounted)
  • Low AC input voltage
  • Low AC input frequency
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