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Cristec HPOWER Battery Charger

Cristec HPOWER are high quality battery chargers for professional or recreational purposes.  Internal circuit boards have been specially designed and coated to withstand adverse environments: heat, humidity and salt air.

A CAN-BUS interface is available as well as temperature compensation and remote touch-screen control panel

  • 12V 80,90 Amp
  • 24V, 45, 60, 80, & 100 Amp
  • 48V, 30 & 50 Amp
  • Specially designed PCBs coated to withstand adverse environments
  • CAN & LIN BUS Interface
  • Suitable for all battery types: flooded, Lead-sealed, Calcium-Lead, AGM, gel, Lithium etc
  • 3 Year guarantee

The Cristec HPOWER battery chargers assure you of unrivalled efficiency, ruggedness, flexibility and battery life increase. Fully AC universal and suitable for every type of battery including Li-Ion, they operate at full power up to 50degreeC without derating

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