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Brite News Winter Edition

LCJ BaroPlug joins Mantsbrite's 
The LCJ Capteur's BaroPlug is a plug and play barometric pressure sensor for NMEA 2000 systems.

The first of its kind, it features a Micro C connector that plugs directly into the NMEA 2000 backbone, giving an immediate read-out of atmospheric pressure on any compatible display.  It can measure pressure from 850hPa to 1150hPa to one decimal resolution, and sends the relevant PGN to the NMEA network; it complies with the NMEA 2000 V3 specifications.  The BaroPlug is tiny.  Measuring 8cm by 2cm diameter, it weights only 35g - about the size and weight of a memory stick, and comes with a 3 year guarantee.

"Air pressure cannot be calculated with any of our senses," explains David Ash, "which is why this exciting new product addresses a market demand and is an invaluable tool when at sea.  It is available now at a price of £139.99 including VAT."

Mantsbrite launches Koden KDS-6000
Mantsbrite launches Koden KDS-6000BB is the world's first broadband searchlight sonar which enables the user to select any frequency between 103 to 210kHz to suit their type of fishing or to target specific fish species.

6 "Condition Memory" (CM) keys allow the user to pre-set 6 different frequencies and parameters and switch between the; this is useful when targeting specific fish.  Parameters can be changed to find the best target returns and picture clarit, and the keys can be used to preconfigure the sonar to suit different types of fishing.

A power output of 1.5kW gives a maximum range of 1000 meters.  When used in searchlight scan mode, scan speed can be altered by increasing or decreasing the scan steps.  A fast 360 degree scan is available to track fast moving fish or schools of fish.  The scan steps can be decreased to 15, 10 or 5 degrees if higher resolution is required.  Once a fish school is located a target lock facility keeps the school on the display regardless of the ships altitude or heading.  Four different presentation modes are available, 360 degree sonar mode, off-centre mode, an adjustable bottom scan mode and an echo sounder mode.  

The KDS-6000BB comprises a "Black Box" processor with VGA output, user keyboard, tranducer hoist mechanism and 6" diameter 1.5kW transducer with 10m cable.  The processor is connected to an installer supplied VGA monitor.  The recommended retail price of the Koden KDS-6000BB Broadband Sonar is £10,250 ex VAT.

See us at the London Boat Show 9th - 18th January 2015
David and Brian are looking forward to meeting Mantsbrite's clients and dealers on stand A061 at next year's London Boat Show.  "The London Boat Show is the first in Europes's calendar of shows and we shall be exhibiting an exciting rane of navigation and communication equipment from the major manufacturers for whom we distribute products in the UK and Ireland," says David.

Jack Payne gains further qualifications
As a member of the British Marine Electrical and Electronics Association (BMEEA) Mantsbrite is committed to it stringent training programmes, which allow engineers to develop and have their achievements recognised.  Mantsbrite apprentice Jack Payne has recently sat and passed BMEEA's British Marine Electrical Technician (BMET) exam and the Marine Electronics Installer Course (MEI).

The BMET course is designed to provide candidates with an overall view of the knowledge and skills required by a BMEA - certified Marine Technician.  It covers Health and Safety, AC and DC circuits, circuit diagram and standard conventions, test and measurement equipment, generators and motors, distribution systems, batteries and charging systems, cables and terminations.

The MEI course was established to encourage a high level of professional expertise in entry-level and mid-level technicians and to lead them to develop their skills to a higher level.  It is an indication of a working knowledge of National Marine Electronics Association's (NMEA) installation standard which clarifies and defines competent installation practices.  Topics covered include ground systems, electrical systems, equipment installation and data communications.
"I should like to congratulate Jack on behalf of the company for his hard work and commitment," says David Ash.  "Well done!"

Mantsbrite expands dealership in Outer Herbrides
The Island Hub is a young and highly enterprising business based on South Uist in Scotland's Outer Hebrides.  It was founded earlier this year by businessman Stephen Tanner and, having recently joined the Mantsbrite dealer network, is now able to supply the full range of marine navigation and communication equipment which Mantsbrite distributes in the UK and Ireland.

David Ash is enthusiastic about The Island Hub's potential, saying; "Stephen has a can-do approach to business; he is often to be found aboard a fishing vessel carrying out delicate repairs to navigation equipment in a less than ideal environment for such work.  I believe he will develop a strong sales outlet for our products in the Western Isles."

Working with solid state computer equipment first brought Stephen into contact with fishermen and the fish market-house owners on South Uist, and this led him to establishing a much needed service in repairing marine hardware equipment.

"I am very comfortable selling and supporting a wide range of electronic products and equipment," he says.  "I believe the role of The Island Hub is one of facilitation, helping businesses and individuals to be more productive in what is beautiful, yet rather rugged and remote part of the UK."


Koden KGC-222 GPS Compass - £1650 ex VAT
The KGC-222 GPS Compass consists of two main components, the display unit and an external antenna.  It features:

  • 16 channel parallel GPS engine providing heading accuracy to 1 degree with a heading resolution of 0.1 degree
  • Internal electronic compass and rate sensors which act as a backup heading output should GPS reception be interrupted
  • 3 NMEA data outputs which can be individually configured
  • Pitch, Roll and Heave sensors
Koden KDS-6000BB Sonar - £10,250 ex VAT
The new Koden KDS-6000BB is the world's first broadband searchlight sonar which enables the user to select any frequency between 130 to 210 kHz to suit their type of fishing or to target specific fish species. (See article)

Koden ESR-S1BB Sonar - £4218 ex VAT
The Koden ESR-S1BB 360 degree scanning sonar is designed for small fishing boats.  Installed on a pole which goes over the side of the boat, it both minimises installation costs, and renders it suitable for even the smalletst boat without space for a traditional hoist operated sonar transducer.  It comprises the sonar transducer, the sonar processor (with a VGA ouput for connection to a monitor), keyboard and a hand held remote control.

  • Power output of 800 watts
  • Frequency of 220 kHz
  • Adjustable tilt angle
  • Area or sector of scan adjustable from a 360 degree scan to a small sector
  • Adjustable cursor for range and bearing
  • Target lock feature
  • Can act as a conventional echo sounder

AMEC products
Mantsbrite has added three new Amec products to its portfolio.

  • Amec Cypho-150S AIS reciever, which features a built-in antenna splitter, allows the Cypho-150S to receive AIS data using the vessel's existing VHF antenna.  The Cypho-150S can be connected to chartplotters, PCs etc. via NMEA-0183, USB or RS232
  • Amec Camino-108 Class B AIS and the Amec Camino-1085W B Class AIS with WIFI interface, both of which are supplied with GPS antenna, have an optional silent mode switch, NMEA0183/2000/ USB connectivity and SD card data logging.

LCJ BaroPlug
The LCJ Capteur's BaroPlug is a plug and play atmospheric sensor for NMEA 2000 systems (see main article)

50th Anniversary Year
Mantsbrite Chairman Brian Ash has thoroughly enjoyed the company's 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2014, saying: "I am very proud of Mantsbrite's success over the last 50 years and it has been good to celebrate it with so many friends and customers throughout the year.  Our celebrations got under way at the London Boat Show and then took in the Skipper Expo events around the UK and Ireland.  At SeaWork International in June, we were delighted to be invited to clebrate with Tidal Transit Limited aboard their newly delivered Kitty Petra offshore passenger transfer vessel, and the dinner with dealers at the Koden Training Course we hosted in Glasgow during the summer was a memorable occasion.

"I would like to thank everybody for their support and the many messages of congratulations have been very moving.  2014 has certainly been a milestone year for Mantsbrite."

Dates for the Diary
See us at the Londodn Boat Show 9-18 January 2015, Skipper Expo in Galway 6 -7 March 2015, Skipper Expo Aberdeen 29 - 30 May 2015, Seawork 16 - 18 June 2015 and Skipper Expo Bournemouth 30 - 31 October 2015


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