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Amec MANDO 301/303 AIS AtoN

The Amec MANDO-301/-303 is an AtoN (Aid to Navigation) AIS transmitter and transmits the position of a fixed or a floating AtoN (eg Buoy, Lighthouse etc).

  • For use on Aids to Navigation
  • Fully compliant with IALA, IEC and ITU standards
  • Supports meteorological and hydrological messages (Message 8)
  • Robust housing
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • BSH/CE/FCC/USCG approved

The Mando series transmits accurate and real time information from fixed or floating AtoN to nearby vessels and shore stations equipped with AIS systems.  MANDO-301 is a type 1, and MANDO-303 is a type 3 model.

The Mando series also has the ability to transmit meteorological and hydrological data with the correct additional sensors installed. 

The Mando-303 has the ability to chain several units to extend transmission range and cover a wider area, which is approved by the BSH.

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